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48 Hour Monogram Blog

  • The thing that unites us.

    The thing that unites us.
    This symbol unites us all!! No matter your political party, no matter the outcome of the election tomorrow, the American flag unites us all. This time of year has us brimming with patriotism as we marvel at the fact that we are blessed enough to live in a country where we the people, get to vote for our leader!! As a company with the...
  • Tips for Decorating Your Dorm Room

    Tips for Decorating Your Dorm Room
    It may seem like summer just started, but before you know it, fall will arrive and it will be time to go back to school! For those who recently graduated from high school, the arrival of fall signals the start of your first year of college, and for many college freshmen, that means living in the dorms. Dorm rooms come in all shapes and...
  • Decorating Your First Home as a Married Couple

    Decorating Your First Home as a Married Couple
    With the start of the summer season already upon us, many couples are getting ready to say “I do.” Summer is the most popular time for couples to get married, and many of those couples will plan to move into their very first home shortly after the ceremony. Moving into your first home as a married couple is a huge step, and not only...
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