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10 Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas: Part One

Let’s be honest — decorating your little one’s nursery is one of the best parts of being pregnant. As soon as that motherly instinct kicks in, all you want to do is figure out how you’re going to paint, what furniture you’re going to buy, and how you’re going to make your baby’s nursery the coziest room in the whole house. In the past, decorating the nursery usually involved buying items or paint in various shades of pink or blue, but today, more and more parents are leaning towards a gender-neutral theme. In part one of this series, we will discuss five gender-neutral nursery decorating ideas to help you plan for your baby’s arrival.

If you’ve already started planning your little one’s nursery, then you probably have a few ideas of what you want it to look like. However, if you’re still looking for that one item that will give the room a personal touch, then 48 Hour Monogram has just what you need! We offer a variety of different monogrammed signs made with both wood and metal to help you complete your nursery room decor. Explore our extensive collection of monogrammed signs, and order your favorites for your nursery today!

Create an Accent Wall

In most cases, parents will paint the nursery all one color and then cover the wall with framed photos or unique art prints. That being said, there are a million different ways you can paint your nursery, and one great option that is sure to make the room feel more modern and one-of-a-kind is by creating an accent wall.

An accent wall is simply one wall in a room that is different than the others. It can be as simple as painting the wall a brighter color than the others, or as complex as adding a fun pattern or whimsical wallpaper. For example, if you decide to paint your nursery in a neutral color, you can paint your accent wall in a pale green to make it stand out. You could also decide to use a darker shade of the color you’re using for the whole room and paint stripes or a chevron pattern! The possibilities are endless, and adding an accent wall will certainly give the room a little something extra.

Choose a Theme

The idea of decorating an entire room however you want can be daunting for some parents, especially with everything else they have to prepare for the baby’s arrival. You may have a bunch of ideas or plans that you want to make happen, but you also have to consider how all of your ideas will look together once they are in the room. For some parents, it’s easier to start the nursery room decor if they have a theme in mind. Perhaps you want your baby to grow up in a whimsical and colorful room filled with geometric shapes. Maybe you want to create a nursery that looks more like an aquarium than it does a room in your home. You may find that once you have a theme in mind, the nursery room decor comes together without a problem.

Consider Using Wood

Depending on the decor for the rest of your home, you may decide you want the nursery room decor to be cohesive with the rest of the house or have its own special style. Either way, there is one material that is sure to go with whatever you choose — wood.

Wood is an extremely versatile material, and it can really help make the nursery feel warm. Additionally, there are a few different ways you can introduce wood into the decor. For example, you may decide to put wood flooring in the room and cover it with a rug, or you may decide to create an accent wall with fake (or real) wood paneling. Once you decide how you want to use wood in your little one’s room, you have to decide if you want it to be on the light or dark side.

Not sure you want to commit to an entire wood wall or floor? No problem! At 48 Hour Monogram, we offer wood monogrammed signs that you can use in your baby’s new room. Choose a sign with your baby’s initials, their full name, or even just a decorative image. Explore our collection and find the perfect piece today!

Use Animals

Instead of using images of princesses, ballerinas, firefighters, or cowboys in your baby’s room, use animals instead! Not only are animals a great gender-neutral alternative, but they can also make the room more cute and cuddly for your little one. If you’re going with a theme for your nursery room decor, you can even embrace different animal items and turn the nursery into an African safari or a jungle paradise. If you’re simply looking for fun ways to add charm to the room, consider framing prints of different animals or even pages from different children’s books!

Don't Be Afraid of Color

When most people think of gender-neutral decor, they often think that the color of the paint and the furniture has to be neutral as well, but that’s not the case! Gender-neutral simply means that there aren’t any elements that categorize your baby’s gender (which is especially necessary if you and your partner want the gender to be a surprise). That means that as long as you stay away from colors that are typically associated with gender, you can use colors that are as bright or as bold as you want! Perhaps you want to have all the colors of the rainbow present in your baby’s room, or maybe there are two specific colors that you want to stand out. Either way, bright, bold, and saturated colors are never a bad thing.

Spruce Up Your Nursery With 48 Hour Monogram

Looking for the perfect piece to bring your nursery room decor together? 48 Hour Monogram has just what you need! We offer a variety of different products in gorgeous fonts and styles, making it easy for you to find the right piece for your baby’s new room. Explore our collection, and order your favorite wooden or metal monogram today! In the meantime, keep an eye out for part two of our blog where we’ll provide you with even more great nursery room decor ideas.
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