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10 Gender-Neutral Nursery Ideas: Part Two

In our last blog post, we looked at five gender-neutral nursery decorating ideas. In part two of this series, we’ll take a look at five more gender-neutral nursery decorating ideas! Long gone are the days of pinks and blues — the co-ed look is trending for a reason. With a gender-neutral theme, you don’t have to wait to decorate until the big gender reveal. You can plan ahead and buy the paints, décor, and furniture you need, long before your due date. Or, hint at your friends and family by creating a baby registry with nursery items you want, so you can avoid the giant purple unicorns and race car decals. A neutral nursery will grow with your child, as their tastes and preferences change, and if you’re planning on having more than one kid, then a gender-neutral nursery will save you time and money!

For an added personal touch, 48 Hour Monogram offers a wide selection of wood and metal monogrammed signs. Whether you want your baby’s full name, an initial, or a design to match your nursery’s theme, 48 Hour Monogram promises to deliver your custom order in two business days, or your order is on us! Our timeless fonts and simple designs make the perfect wall art for any room, especially your nursery. To see how other expecting parents decorated their child’s playroom, browse our nursery collection and order yours today!

Post Up Letter Art

A fun way to introduce the alphabet to your little one is by posting up bright, colorful letters as wall art. We recommend getting different fonts, colors, and sizes. Place the array of letters in a jumble right above the crib for a whimsical aesthetic, or line them up with equal spacing for a clean, elegant style. You can go for a vintage look with curly fonts and weathered colors or opt for a playful mood with a mix of different patterns and prints on each letter.

If you have an accent wall, or a colored theme, then we recommend choosing colors and fonts that won’t clash with the rest of your nursery. You want the room to look lively, not messy. Lucky for you, 48 Hour Monogram has a variety of letters you can customize to create the perfect letter art look

Add Faux and Real Greenery


For that au naturel look, bring nature indoors! A touch of green is what you need to brighten up any neutral tones. If you’re looking for real plants, then consider a potted fern as a statement piece for the corner of the nursery. Or if you want to save floor space, you can purchase beautiful hanging plants, like Devil’s Ivy or Burro’s tail. For a finishing touch, arrange a row of tiny succulents on shelves or window sills. All of these plants are considered low maintenance indoor plants, so you can focus on taking care of your real wild one.

But for those who insist that a live plant couldn’t survive under your watch, you can opt for faux greenery to spruce up your nursery. With fake greenery, you can splurge on high-end, realistic looking plants or buy several cheap, plastic greenery for a DIY project. Create a floral hoop wreath by hot gluing fake ivy and fern leaves or customize your Circle Script Letter with faux greens and silk flowers.

Go Monochromatic

To have a baby is to be brave, but there is one arguably braver task than that — decorating your nursery in all white. Although it’s a huge risk, an all white nursery is perfect for a fresh and clean monochromatic look. For added charm, look for furniture and accent pieces in variations of white, such as ivory, off-white, and light beige. A variety is great because it’s almost impossible to find décor in the exact same shade, and a minor contrast in colors makes a room look interesting.

The same rule applies for any color palette. Other gender neutral colors we recommend are brown, gray, yellow, and green. To ensure your nursery looks tied in, stick to two or three variations of that color. You can try dustier tones to make the room look softer, or choose accent pieces that are a couple shades warmer so that your nursery feels cozy. Don’t be afraid to use white and black to add some pop to your baby’s room.

Mix and Match Different Textures

One of the first interactions a baby has with the world is through their sense of touch. Introducing them to different textures is a great way to see what your baby likes and doesn’t like. When choosing furniture and decorations for your nursery, choose elements with different textures so your baby has the opportunity to interact with their room.

The easiest way to add tactile value to your nursery is through an accent rug. Planting a fluffy faux sheepskin rug or a shag rug with tassels in the nursery allows your baby to roll around on a soft space. Other ideas include draping a chunky knit blanket on an armchair, choosing cushions and accent pillows with different fabrics (like canvas and velvet), or hanging wall decals or accents, like this wooden mixed monogram sign! Not only will layering textures stimulate your baby’s senses, but it’ll also add depth to your room, creating a homier space for you and your baby!

Design a Reading Nook

It’s never too early to introduce your children to the wonderful world of books! By creating a cozy reading nook, your child will associate reading with comfort and entertainment. There are hundreds of research studies on the benefits of reading at an early age, including higher standardized test scores and the ability to empathize more with other children. And with a special corner to foster your child’s independent reading skills, you’ll recommend a nursery reading nook to every expecting couple you know.

The first step to putting a cozy reading nook together is by adding kid-friendly seating! Look at bean bags, baby armchairs, or cushioned corner-style benches. Books should be easily accessible for your little one — consider kids' book racks, instead of shelves, to display the front covers and keep the books within easy reach. For an extra special touch, spell out the words R-E-A-D with one of 48 Hour Monogram’s high-quality wood signs in the Alex Font, a classic, bold serif type, and hang it above the top of your nook.

48 Hour Monogram Can Help You Fill Your Nursery With Love

A room isn’t just where you sleep. It’s a sacred place for you to rest, recharge, and feel comfortable in. And that goes for nurseries, too! Create a loving space for your baby with personalized signs, fit for any kid-friendly room. Explore our collection and order your favorite custom wall art today!

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