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Color Psychology 101: Choosing Cool Colors for Your Nursery

Getting ready for your new bundle of joy can be very exciting, especially when you’re preparing to decorate your nursery. However, before you can dive right into painting, furnishing, and decorating your baby’s new room, there are a few things you need to consider. Are you going to go with a gender-neutral color? Is there a theme you want to apply to the whole room? If you’re still trying to figure out which direction to take, you may want to consider what science has to say about color psychology. In today’s post, we will discuss using cool-toned colors for your nursery, but if you’re leaning more towards warm colors, be sure to check out our other post!

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Choosing Cool Colors for Your Nursery

According to color psychology, each color can affect you in a mental and emotional way. Some colors may trigger feelings of anger or passion, while others may help soothe or relax. If you’re stuck on what color to choose for your baby’s nursery, you may want to consider using color psychology as a way to help you narrow down your selection.

Cool colors usually consist of purple, blue, and green colors, as well as grey and black. Each of these colors represents a different feeling or emotion that we will discuss later. However, it’s important to note that while all of these colors come in a variety of shades, you may want to avoid dark shades, as they can give off a gloomy effect. If you’re determined to use a dark color, consider using wood accents or soft fabrics to give the room a cozier feel! Additionally, if you’re working with a smaller room, using cool colors can help make the space feel bigger!


Green is said to be one of the most restful colors for the human eye, so it makes sense that color psychology has determined that the color green results in feelings of serenity. Introducing green into your nursery can help your baby feel calm and tranquil while they are in their room, and the best way to do so is with plants (real or fake), leaf prints, or green wall decor! However, you can also use green as the base color for your nursery and add wall art or other decor in neutral colors.


Blue is a color of calm or healing, making it a great color for your nursery. A bedroom is a place of security, and while your little one may not spend a lot of time paying attention to the color of their room as a baby, when they grow up, the blue color can help them feel calm, secure, and at home. The great thing about the color blue is that you can easily introduce it into your nursery in a variety of ways, and in a variety of shades. For example, you can paint the baby’s ceiling in a sky blue color with clouds, or you can buy a dark blue throw blanket to put over the back of a rocking chair!


Purple can be a tricky color when it comes to decorating your nursery. If you use too dark of a shade, it can make the room feel dark and gloomy as we mentioned above, which is why we recommend using mostly pastel shades of purple to avoid overpowering your other decor.

Color psychology says that purple gives off mysterious and luxurious feelings, and when used appropriately, it can also aid the mind with creativity and imagination. You can easily add purple to your baby’s room with pictures or decals of purple flowers, purple stuffed animals, or even a purple rug. You can also choose to make the entire room a lighter shade of purple to create an overall calming effect.


Gray is a neutral color that goes well with almost anything, making it the perfect color to pair with any of the colors listed below. Too much gray might give off a gloomy or dull feeling, but paired in the right way with bright colors, gray can help you and your baby feel contemplative. Consider buying gray furniture that you can dress up with colorful blankets or throw pillows, or you can use gray-toned reclaimed wood to give your nursery a more rustic vibe.


When you think of painting a nursery, you may not consider black as one of your options unless you’re going for a modern theme that correlates with the rest of your home. In terms of color psychology, black is a very powerful and elegant color. However, if you’re planning to use it in your decor, it’s best to do so sparingly, as too much black can quickly become overwhelming.

Find the Perfect Nursery Room Decor!

Finding the right color (or colors) for your nursery can be a difficult process, but with help from 48 Hour Monogram, the end result is sure to be amazing! When you order one of our monogram wood signs, you can choose to have it painted right here in our shop so it’s ready to go on your nursery room wall, or you can order the plain wood sign to paint yourself and make it your own. Explore our website to find the perfect nursery room decor for your little one’s room today!
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