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Color Psychology 101: Choosing Warm Colors for Your Nursery

There are so many things you need to do before your baby arrives! Getting them all done in time can seem like an impossible feat, especially if there are a few you haven’t even started. With that in mind, one of the most important projects you will need to finish before you bring home your bundle of joy is putting together the baby’s nursery! There are so many different directions you can take when designing your baby’s room, including choosing colors. In today’s post, we will discuss color psychology, specifically as it applies to choosing warm colors for your nursery.

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Red may seem like too bold of a color to paint your nursery, but it’s all about choosing the right shade. For bright shades of red, it may also be a good idea to consider using it in small sections. Consider placing red accents throughout the room so that the color isn’t quite so overpowering. For example, you can drape a red blanket over the back of a rocking chair or frame pictures in a bright red frame to give the wall a pop of color!

When it comes to color psychology, the color red is said to evoke feelings of passion and excitement. In addition to those feelings, adding red to your nursery can make the room feel more comforting and inviting. You may even find that the element of excitement evoked by the color red helps your baby feel more positive towards learning new things.


Orange is another color that can make an impressive statement regardless of what hue you choose for your nursery room decor. According to color psychology, the color orange is said to evoke vibrant and friendly feelings, as well as stimulate emotions and actions.

If you’re getting ready to paint your nursery, orange is a great color to consider. When used properly, orange can highlight key details in your baby’s room, especially if you’re considering decorating the nursery in an autumn or fruit theme.


When you think of creating an environment for a happy, cheerful baby, the color yellow may come to mind. Yellow is commonly associated with feelings of happiness, and science agrees! The color yellow conjures up bright and cheery feelings, which one can easily associate with a happy baby! Even better, this warm tone isn’t too overpowering, allowing you to easily use it as one of the main colors in your newborn’s nursery. However, it’s important to note that too much yellow can lead to a fussy baby, so it may be a good idea to balance out the yellow with other colors.


Pink is a color that is often associated with a baby girl, but what does color psychology have to say about it? Science has determined that pink usually brings about sweet and romantic feelings. That being said, you probably don’t associate romance with your new baby, which is why it can also symbolize the love new parents have for their child.

There are many different ways you can add pink to your nursery room decor. For example, some parents may choose to paint the entire room in a light shade of pink, but if that’s not quite the style you’re looking for, you may decide to decorate the room with pink flowers. Looking for something unique? Choose a beautiful monogram sign from 48 Hour Monogram and decorate it in your favorite shade of pink to add a feminine touch to your nursery!

Warm White

Many people think of white as being too plain or boring for a nursery, but that isn’t the case. While a bright white color can feel overpowering, choosing a warm white hue can help the room feel cozier while also presenting innocent and pure vibes for your little one. Warm white is a great color for the walls of your nursery, giving you plenty of opportunities to add colorful accents.

Helpful Decorating Tips

When choosing the color (or colors) for your nursery, it can be more complicated than simply choosing basic hues. It’s important to look at the shades of each color to pick out the one that is right for your nursery and won’t be overpowering. Color psychology, for example, explains that pastels are more calming, while vibrant shades can be stimulating. Additionally, there’s nothing wrong with combining warm colors and cool colors. In fact, pairing warm walls with cool-colored accents can help create balance within the space.

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