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48 Hour Monogram Blog

The thing that unites us.

This symbol unites us all!! No matter your political party, no matter the outcome of the election tomorrow, the American flag unites us all.

This time of year has us brimming with patriotism as we marvel at the fact that we are blessed enough to live in a country where we the people, get to vote for our leader!!

As a company with the privilege of having a platform, we want to help show our neighbors that despite the USA not being perfect, it’s still a country we are proud to be a part of!

With our LIMITED QUANTITY, premium USA steel, metallic flags, at COSTS!

American designed, American made! Small family owned business!

As proud Americans we just simply want to get these hung on as many houses as possible as a symbol of unity!! So we are offering these AT COST, to you our 48 Hour Monogram family!


When you get your piece in the mail, we want to see your pictures!

Post a pic of you with your flag on your social with the hashtag #48famunited and show the world you love this country!!!

Let’s start a movement! No matter the outcome, we are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

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