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A Guide to Placing Wall Art in Your Nursery

Some interior designers will argue that wall art is the most important part of decorating a room, especially your nursery. The decor you choose is the finishing element that ties together the theme, color palette, furniture, and more! But not only is the artwork itself important, the placement of it also plays a huge hand in determining whether or not the room is well-designed. Luckily for you, 48 Hour Monogram has the inside scoop on how to correctly hang up wall decor in your nursery, so you can be your own HGTV star!

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Size Matters!

The first important step to choosing your artwork is making sure that the size is right. If you’re planning to hang wall art above some furniture, then designers recommend choosing art that’s between ⅔ and ¾ the width of your furniture. So if you plan to hang your Wooden Monogram Sign in Hadley Font above your 75” futon, then we recommend ordering your sign in either the 48”-Wide size or the 55”-Wide size, and center the monogram sign over the futon. You don’t want the wall art to be wider than the furniture below it; otherwise, it will create an imbalanced look. You also don’t want to choose artwork that’s too small, or else the room will feel awkward.

The only times you can break the ⅔ to ¾ rule is if you’re hanging art over a mantle, a tall dresser, or a bookcase. Wall art hung over a fireplace (or a tall dresser with a baby-changing station) tends to look best when the painting is as wide as the fireplace opening, or as wide as the dresser.

Leave a Gap Between Artwork and Furniture

You should also consider spacing when hanging up wall decor. When designing a gallery wall of different elements and sizes, be consistent with the spacing for a more cohesive look. Try to hang larger pieces about two to three inches apart, and smaller pieces one and a half to two and a half inches apart.

When hanging wall art above a desk or crib, leave about six to eight inches of space between the bottom of the artwork and the top of the furniture. You don’t want your wall decor to hover right above the furniture, nor do you want it so high above the rest of the room. Wall art is all about balance.

A Group of Art Should Be Treated as One

When hanging multiple pieces of art together, you should treat the group of art as one unit. The middle of the group should be centered over the furniture, and the bottom of the grouping should be about six to eight inches above the tops of any furniture.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind when grouping different art elements together:

  • Bigger pieces should be in the center or near the bottom of the group to create balance
  • If you have multiple pieces of different sizes, then choose a unifying element (like matching frames, same material, theme, etc...) to unify the collection
  • If you have multiple pieces that are the same size and shape, then focus on symmetry
  • As mentioned above, leave some “breathing room” between each art decor


    Hang Single Artwork at Eye-Level

    If you plan to hang one statement piece, such as our 36” x 36” Regular 3-Letter Monogram Sign, on an empty wall, then be sure to hang it at eye-level. The center of the monogram should be 57 to 60” from the floor. Though this isn’t a hard-fast rule, hanging up wall art at eye-level ensures that you use up the empty space efficiently. But if your nursery has high ceilings or ceiling beams, then use your best judgment to decide if “eye-level” is the best placement for your wall decor.


    Plan Placement Before Hanging Up Art

    Prepwork is almost always the best plan of action, especially when working with multiple wall art elements. For best practice, purchase a roll of brown butcher paper and painter’s tape. Trace the outline of your artwork onto the piece of butcher paper to create templates. Cut them out and hang up the templates onto the wall with painter’s tape (so you don’t ruin your walls). Play around with the placement until you’ve found a home on the wall for each of your art pieces.

    Following these simple steps will make the world of a difference when decorating your nursery. For more wall art inspiration, browse through 48 Hour Monogram’s Nursery Collection to see how other happy moms and dads decorated their nursery, and order your custom monogram sign today!

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